#FFWaterCooler - the slack community for Fantasy Football

We are a passionate group of Fantasy Footballers who come together to chat about our favorite hobby.

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What is FFWaterCooler?

A community of Fantasy Football players sharing knowledge, advice, insight, and more with our fellow Fantasy enthusiasts. Join us if you're looking to shoot the breeze with other players across the country.

Code of conduct

We encourage politeness, friendliness, and acceptance. Members are expected to offer advice, and contribute to conversations. If you are asking for advice on trades, players, etc, please offer advice to other members wheneevr you can as well. Put in what you get back.

Regarding spam, you are allowed to self promote content so long as you are not flooding the channel with messages and you are an active member. If they only thing you contribute is self promotion, or you are posting it too frequently, you will be removed.

What type of channels are there?

A few of the channels people are currently active in...

  • Trades - trade related chat. Ask and offer trade advice.
  • Players - general player discussion chat.
  • Trades - trade related chat. Ask and offer trade advice.
  • Draft - fantasy football draft related chat.
  • Dynasty - dynasty league related chat.
  • DFS - daily fantasy sports related chat.
  • Find a League- find and post leagues with open membership spots.
  • General - general fantasy football related chat.

Ask a question?

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to send an email to jdoyle112@gmail.com.